Ben Stokes won the heart after being run out, then Babar Azam’s pull started… see what happened?


The third Test match is being played between Pakistan and England in Karachi.
England are taking a 2-0 lead in the series against the hosts

new Delhi. On the second day of the third Test match being played in Karachi between Pakistan and England, something happened on the field that England captain Ben Stokes once again came into the limelight. Till now his bold decisions in the Test series were being praised but, this time the reason for the praise was his style. However, with the increase in the respect of Ben Stokes in cricket fans, the process of pulling Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam has also started.

Actually, something happened like this… In the 33rd over of England’s innings, there was confusion about the run between Harry Brook and Captain Ben and Stokes got out. At that time he had scored 26 runs in 33 balls. Stokes was definitely disappointed by being run out, but he did not show anger at Harry at all. Not only this, while returning to the pavilion, the England captain also gestured thumbs up to his fellow batsman. Just this style got into the hearts of the fans. On the one hand, there was a series of praises for Stokes on the social media, on the other hand, trolling of Babar Azam also started. Actually, after this incident, the fans are constantly comparing Ben Stokes and Babar Azam. Both these players were run out in the first innings of the third Test.

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