Bengaluru People Lost Rs 517 Crore to Cybercrime in Four Years 72 Percent of Total Cases Reported in Karnataka

Cybercrime is increasing rapidly and every day crores of rupees are looted online from people across the country in one way or the other. With the advancing technology, cybercriminals are also getting cleverer and are trapping people in various ways. In the latest report related to cybercrime, it has been told that cyber criminals have looted Rs 517.6 crore from the people of Bengaluru in the last four years, which is an average of Rs 35 lakh per day. It has also been reported that at least 32,746 cyber crimes were registered in Karnataka during January 2020 to January 2023.

A statewide analysis (via TOI) has revealed that over Rs 722 crore was looted through cybercrime in the state of Karnataka between four years (January 2019 to January 2023) at a rate of over Rs 48 lakh. Bengaluru alone accounted for 72 per cent of this figure, where people lost Rs 517.6 during this period.

The report says that this figure has been shared by the Home Department. The data shows that the amount of money people lost has increased each year at both the state and city levels. In 2019, Rs 71.2 crore was allegedly looted by cybercrime in Karnataka and Rs 47.6 crore in Bengaluru. In 2020, this figure increased to 49% and 66% for the state and the city, respectively. Thereafter, 2021 saw a jump of 37% and 24% respectively. This figure continued to climb up in 2022 as well, with cybercrime cases witnessing a rise and the numbers lost to over Rs 363 crore and Rs 266.7 crore in the state and city respectively.

The report suggests that in 2023, people in Karnataka lost at least Rs 1 crore a day on an average, with over Rs 36 crore stolen by cyber criminals, while it was over Rs 84 lakh in Bengaluru.

Although the state lost over Rs 722 crore to cyber criminals in four years, the authorities recovered only Rs 97.3 crore out of it. Out of the recovered money, Rs 63 crore was recovered from the incidents in Bengaluru.

The report further states that between January 2020 and January 2023, at least 32,746 cyber crimes have been registered in the state involving over 11,125 accused. Apart from this, it was also informed that 1503 accused have been arrested during this period.

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