Berlin Radisson Blu Hotel huge aquarium burst it was home of 1500 fish full details

A huge aquarium with about 1500 attractive fish has exploded in Berlin, the capital of Germany. How big it was can be gauged from the fact that due to the explosion of the aquarium, 10 lakh liters of water and debris spread on a major road in Mitte district. A large number of fish died due to the explosion of the aquarium. The site where the aquarium used to be houses a large museum and the Radisson Hotel. The aquarium that exploded is said to be the world’s largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium.

According to media reports, a man staying at the Radisson Hotel told that he felt like an earthquake. There was chaos in the hotel. The entire aquarium exploded. Many fish died. Debris was spread everywhere. Two people were also injured after being hit by glass. Emergency services have asked about 350 people staying at the hotel to pack their belongings.

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