Bhojpuri: Supreme Court notice to cricketer Purabiya Lal Dhoni, why?

One credit goes to the name of many people, but Dhoni deserves the most. Due to his amazing batting, unwavering patience and sensible captaincy, he made India entitled to such a great respect. In those days of 2007, when everyone agreed that Dhoni is the only player in the cricket world who can turn the victory of the opponent team into disaster and the loss of his team into disaster.

Dhoni received a notice from the Supreme Court, his partner Amrapali Group was also served a notice. The reason is that after completing the flat, the possession of the customer will not be handed over to the Amrapali Group. In 2016, this matter was very strong. In the project of Amrapali Group’s Apna Residential Building in Noida, the customer was able to deliver the flat on time by taking advance money. People protested on this issue and the matter went to the Delhi High Court, where an inquiry committee was formed. Again the victims raised the case in the Supreme Court. The customer’s argument was that the delay in the completion of the project would have been due to the withdrawal of funds from the Amrapali Group.

Why did Dhoni’s name pop up so much that Dhoni became the brand ambassador of Amrapali Group and did many promotional shoots. About 150 crore rupees were due to Amrapali Group as the fees of their brand ambassador. When the inquiry committee was formed, then Dhoni should file an application to clear his dues. Now the customers have appealed to the Supreme Court on the same issue that if the Amrapali Group, which is already struggling with lack of funds, pays the dues of Dhoni, then the dream of people’s dream home should not hang in the balance. Now the Supreme Court has given the notice of Amrapali Group to Dhoni Dunu Jana that you will get your case resolved quickly.

Dhoni controversy aa cricket dunu se kabo door nikhan rahal
Dhoni is now forty one years old. Although it is not a good thing that the age of the players has increased, because with the increasing age of Okra, the fear also increases that the chances of seeing Okra playing in the field are decreasing. Although Dhoni has retired from the international format of international cricket, he has always been a fan of his stellar performance in the IPL. O Ego Proverb Ba Nu in English, “Aging Like a Fine Wine”. Jeetne sharab puran hola, otene jaandar hola, Dhoni ke saath bhi ihe ba, unke age badht ba, bakir unke inner khiladi abhiyo jawan ba. In the last IPL, he played finishing innings in many matches for his team Chennai Super Kings and his fans and critics of the world tell that even though the lion is old, he is still quick to attack for the sake of hunting. Dhoni is a wonderful finisher, he came to life in this year’s IPL, he came to life in the last minute of the match and scored a lot for his team.

Dhoni’s life also remained an uncertain account of cricket.
Dhoni means Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born on July 7, 1981 in Ranchi, then in Bihar. Now Ranchi has become the capital of Jharkhand after separation. His father was a pump operator in the residential colony of Ego Steel Factory, Ranchi. His father’s name is Paan Singh Dhoni and mother’s name is Devki Devi. Although his father’s ancestors were people of Lavali village of Almora. Dhoni’s early education was in DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, he was a goalkeeper in the school’s football team. When his coach Keshav Ranjan Banerjee saw the art of holding the ball of Mahendra, he advised him to play cricket. At first, due to Dhoni’s awkwardness, the rest started playing cricket. Seeing the style of his brilliant wicketkeeper, he got the role of permanent wicketkeeper for many years in the Commando Cricket Club of Ranchi. May this be the time when Dhoni would have lived for 14-15 years. Seeing his excellent performance, Vinoo Mankad got selected in the under-16 team for the trophy.

When Dhoni was 18 years old in 1999, seeing his excellent wicketkeeping and batting performance in different competitions, he was included in the Bihar Ranji team. Here you have to bat very well against the Assam team. He killed four fifty in four consecutive matches. All this slowly kept building air about him. After Jharkhand was separated from Bihar in 2000, he started playing with Jharkhand. After seeing his impressive performance in the finals of the Deodhar Trophy and the prestigious Duleep Trophy, Prakash Poddar, the senior officer of the BCCI talent scout team, sent his name to the National Cricket Academy. Dhoni’s part started shining because of this.

In the time of 2000, before going to Ranji Trophy, some such incident happened that he left cricket and joined the government job. He worked there as a ticket checker for three years. Although his seniors encouraged him to play cricket, he continued to play matches. Due to this, his name was included in the National Cricket Academy in 2003. After Okra, he joined the India-A team in 2004 and played in a tri-series with Kenya and Zimbabwe team in Harare, Zimbabwe. Due to his brilliant performance against the rival team, he came to the notice of the then captain of the Indian team, Sourav Ganguly and the selector Ravi Shastri.

Dhoni’s luck came to Chamkal from Ehija, he directly joined the Indian national cricket team on the 2004 Bangladesh tour. However, he was run out in his first international match. Baqir included Kyle Gill in his Pakistan ODI series even after his average performance. In the 2005 AH series, in his fifth ODI match, he scored 148 off 123 and surprised everyone. In the same year, he became everyone’s favorite by hitting 185 runs in 145 games against Sri Lanka. Due to his careful wicketkeeping, every batsman who stood in front of him would tremble when he got us stumped out.

Dhoni also won India’s 2007 T-Twenty World Cup, 2011 Cricket World Cup and 2013 Champions Trophy. All this happened under the captaincy of Dhoni. There were many earthquakes in the life of Dhoni, who always raised the name of India. In the banal film ‘Mahendra Singh Dhoni – The Untold Story’ on his life, his ego girlfriend was mentioned, Jekra se u betahasha pyaar karte rahle auri dunu jaana shaadi bhi wala rahe log, then his girlfriend died in an accident. Dhoni met his wife Sakshi during check-in at Ego Hotel when she, without recognizing Dhoni, started questioning him. In Ehi Jaa Se Dunu Jaana, the closeness has changed into a marriage.

Now Dhoni’s ego beautiful daughter Jeeva bhi biya auri u aapne retirement ke zingi khelat – kudat bita rahal baaden. However, he will continue to play in the IPL and it is possible that he may continue to get a chance to see his signature helicopter shot on the cricket field.

(Author Manoj Bhavuk is knowledgeable of Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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