Bhuvneshwar Kumar had lost his bowling rhythm, was also dropped from the team, then made a strong comeback


Bhuvneshwar Kumar had stopped getting wickets at one point of time
Left swing and went towards pace but got hit hard there too

New Delhi. A player always wants to give something to the team, but it also happens during the career when he feels that he is not proving useful for the team. The qualities of his game are getting lost somewhere. Something similar happened with Team India’s fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

Bhuvneshwar mentioned the bad times of his career in an interview. According to Bhuvi, I had come after playing Ranji. Was used to swing bowling. The first year went very well. Got a lot of wickets due to swing. Bhuvneshwar Kumar told that the pace in my bowling was not very high, so after some time the batter started adjusting and I started getting beaten up.

left swing and ran after pace
According to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, there comes a time when you need to change yourself. I also felt that it is necessary to increase the speed of the balls. During this injury also happened. Took time to return. Bhuvi told that on returning to the field, he realized that there was no rhythm in his bowling. I changed training. This increased my pace but another problem arose. Actually, I was not used to bowling at that pace, so the ball stopped swinging. According to Bhuvaneshwar, during this time the body also had to take more load, due to which the injury occurred. When I got off time, I thought why is this happening? How can I make a comeback?

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prepared himself to be killed
According to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, you believe in yourself but when you listen to people, it seems that you are getting weak. It reached my ears that he has lost his swing and is now going for pace. Bhuvi said that in the meantime I had gone back to play Ranji. There I realized that the swing in my bowling was not over. Actually, a lot has changed in cricket. Wicket conditions have changed. Batters have also started playing in new ways. According to Bhuvi, I felt that there is swing but I am not giving myself enough chance to move the ball. After this, gradually things got better with the training. Then I told myself that if you get hit, then you should get the ball swinging. My formula finally worked.

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