Big change in T20 league between IPL 2023, 16 matches reduced in one stroke, final will also be affected


There has been a big change in the T20 league between IPL 2023
T20 league will have a total of 44 matches from next season

New Delhi. Between IPL 2023, big news has come about the Big Bash League. Cricket Australia has decided to shorten the BBL. This decision has been taken after the contract with the broadcasters. Now 40 matches will be played in BBL instead of 56. That is, 16 matches were reduced in one stroke. From the new season, each team will now play only 10 matches. This new provision will be added in the Big Bash League from this summer. Apart from the matches of the league stage, the schedule of the final series will also be short. Now instead of 5 only 4 teams will go to the final series. However, its format has not been decided yet.

The dates of the Big Bash League are yet to be announced. However, due to the shortening of the tournament, it can now be played during the Christmas school holiday period. Due to this, apart from the big stars of Australia, the chances of foreign players to participate in most of the matches will also increase. However, no changes have been made in the Women’s Big Bash League at the moment.

BBL General Manager Alistair Dobson said, “With a shorter tournament we will be able to achieve our aim of giving our best to the club and the fans. As a league, we are always looking at how we can innovate and evolve with the times.”

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In the Big Bash League where the number of matches are decreasing. At the same time, with the number of teams in IPL, matches are also increasing. Since this last season, 10 teams are playing in IPL instead of 8 and in IPL 2023, a total of 74 matches including the final will be played. A total of 70 matches will be played in the league stage this season. In the last season of the Big Bash League, a total of 61 matches including the final were played. There were a total of 56 matches in the league stage.

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