Big loss to China due to US export ban on high performance chips

A ban on the export of US high-performance chips will make it difficult for China to acquire the technology. This may increase the already ongoing tension between the two countries. The US has banned the export of these chips to China by Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

These chips are used to run artificial intelligence applications and in data centers. A ban on these will make it difficult for Chinese firms to meet the needs of advanced technology. US to stop access to China’s advanced technology efforts have increased Some US security experts say that earlier there was no restriction on the export of such technology to China and Russia. In view of the threat from these countries, there was a need to take such a step. Shares of Nvidia and AMD declined after they announced a ban on the export of advanced chips. However, Nvidia later revealed that it had received permission to fulfill orders for chips from the Hong Kong plant.

Intel, one of the big technology companies, is investing in blockchain technology with a new chip. The company claims that chips It is about 1,000 times faster than A few months ago Intel revealed that the new crypto mining chip would be available later this year. Its initial clients will include American electric power company GRIID Infrastructure, crypto mining firm Argo Blockchain and Jack Dorsey-led Block.

Intel’s new Custom Compute Group will contribute to the development of blockchain technology with a view to energy efficient accelerators. Crypto mining and blockchains require a large amount of computing power, which consumes a lot of energy. To tackle this problem, the company aims to make energy efficient chips. Due to the high consumption of electricity in crypto mining, some countries like China have banned bitcoin mining. In America too, there is opposition to the increase in electricity consumption due to crypto mining. Intel’s new Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is specifically designed for crypto mining.

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