Bihar: After Ishaan Kishan, another Bihari in the Indian team, debuted with the India-West Indies match, a wave of happiness in the village

Report- Govind Kumar

Gopalganj. After Ishaan Kishan, another Bihar cricketer Mukesh Kumar got a chance to debut in international cricket. He has joined the Indian team as the 308th Test player and this is the first match of his career. Mukesh is a right arm fast bowler and a resident of Kakadkund village of Gopalganj. There is a wave of happiness among the family members and villagers regarding the selection of Mukesh Kumar in the Test match being played in Port of Spain between India and West Indies. DM Dr. Naval Kishore Chaudhary has also congratulated and congratulated Mukesh Kumar on making his debut in the Test match.

In fact, Mukesh Kumar’s childhood was spent in an old house in Kakadkund, a small village in Gopalganj. Mukesh used to play cricket in the streets of the village in the early days, but today Mukesh Kumar has reached that point, where every cricketer aspires to reach. The whole family including his mother Malti Devi, elder brother Dhanchet alias DN Singh, uncle-nephew lives at Mukesh’s house.

Indian team cricketer Mukesh Kumar, coming from an ordinary family, got the opportunity to debut in an international cricket match for the first time. That’s why his mother Malti Devi is very happy. Malti Devi said that son Mukesh should perform better for the India team, for this she is giving blessings and blessings. Late Kashinath Singh, father of cricketer Mukesh Kumar, used to drive an auto in Bengal and take care of his family. Mukesh’s elder brother Dhanchet alias DN Singh says that I and my family as well as the residents of the district are happy that Mukesh Kumar has got a chance to debut in an international match.

The fate of this Bihar cricketer changed as soon as he got engaged, Mukesh Kumar selected in Team India for West Indies tour

He says that Mukesh had a tendency towards cricket since childhood. There was a desire to move forward by working hard in the game. Remembering the days of childhood, we tell that it is about the year 2004. When Mukesh’s mother Malti Devi suddenly fell ill and had to go to Kolkata to see her father for treatment, where he used to drive a taxi. Brother used to work in a transport company. Mukesh has reached this point while playing cricket in Bengal.

Mukesh Kumar got the support of Ranjit Boss and Indian team cricketer Sourav Ganguly in the initial days in Bengal. Sourav Ganguly praised Mukesh Kumar’s bowling and proceeded to play Ranji Trophy, after which Mukesh kept moving forward by bowling better. After this Mukesh joined the India-A team. In the match between India-A and New Zealand, he took 5 wickets in 13 overs and gave 36 runs. After performing well, he became a part of the Indian team in December 2022. After that, the Delhi Capitals team bought Mukesh in the IPL option for Rs 5.5 crore.

Amit Singh, a close friend of Mukesh and the captain of the Gopalganj cricket team, says that after the end of India’s batting today, Mukesh Kumar will bowl if the West Indies come out to bat. Everyone is wishing for Mukesh’s bowling to improve. Now everyone’s eyes are fixed on the bowling of Mukesh Kumar. Because this match is the first international match of Mukesh Kumar’s career.

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