Bike Modifications: These modifications can show you the way to jail, know what is legal and what is not?

It is common to modify a vehicle and most of those who do it know that modifying a bike, car or any other vehicle in India is a legal offense and doing so can result in a heavy fine on the road as well as jail. Even air may have to be eaten. Making drastic changes to the original design and look of any vehicle is called modification and it is illegal to do so in the country. Many rules have been made for this. Recently, a young man from Jammu and Kashmir was found costly to modify his Mahindra Thar SUV, where the court ordered him to be sent to jail for six months. Although we are talking about a car here, but it is not that you can avoid making any changes in your motorcycle.

Every day the police of all the states challan the modified motorcycles running on the road. Some are heavily challaned, while some’s two-wheelers are impounded. Sometimes vehicle modifications are removed on the road itself. In this regard, traffic police also run big campaigns from time to time.

Many people fit aftermarket exhausts on their motorcycles, the sound of which causes problems not only to the people around but also to the drivers of other vehicles plying on the road. Installing such an exhaust can land you in trouble. either you heavy bill Can be given or your exhaust can be removed and destroyed. If your luck is bad, then both these things can happen to you simultaneously. Recently, the traffic police in Delhi launched a drive, under which aftermarket bike exhausts were being removed and finally all were destroyed by being crushed under a road roller.

Keep in mind that any kind of modification (change) made to any vehicle should be registered with the RTO and also it should be mentioned in your insurance. Professional custom bike builders always register their vehicles, but if you make any changes to your motorcycle without registration, you could face the consequences.

In 2019, the court made some changes in the Motor Vehicle Act. rules were addedwhich states that “a motor vehicle cannot be altered so as to differ from the information originally specified by the manufacturer in the Registration Certificate (RC).”

Therefore, it is illegal to install noisy aftermarket exhaust, remove rearview mirror, fit extra seat, change the shape of the vehicle, change the engine and braking system etc.

Although some changes can be legalized, such as changing the colour, but only as long as it is done within the rules laid down by the RTO. Similarly, fitting of accessories like stickers, visors and engine fairing are all within the legal ambit.

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