Blind World Cup trophy win Captain said, don’t look at us with pity, understand the player, he has raised the head of the country


India won the Blind T20 World Cup for the third time in a row
Captain Ajay gave an emotional message after the victory

new Delhi. India’s blind team created history in the T20 World Cup by winning it for the third time in a row. In the final match, India defeated the Bangladesh team and won the trophy. Batting first, India scored 277 runs at the loss of 2 wickets. Ramesh scored an unbeaten 136 off 63 balls while captain Ajay Reddy scored an unbeaten 100 runs. In reply, Bangladesh team could only manage 157 runs for 3 wickets.

After winning the final, the captain said, “Don’t look at us with pity, treat us like any other player. We can also increase the glory of India, we can give a chance to make the country proud. Treat all of us just like any other player. We should not be treated like a disabled person. We should be treated exactly like the rest of the players in the world.

“We have given the country of India a chance to be proud for the last several years and have raised the prestige of our India. In future too, we will continue to increase the honor of the country like this. Still there are many people in the society whose mindset has to be changed. Corporate thinking also needs to change. I know how hard everyone works to raise funds for this World Cup of ours. Seniors told me, Ajay, you just focus on playing, everything else will be taken care of.

“I would like to request only one thing from the BCCI that the organization you have created for us, make it a little better. This will benefit more and more players like us. Those who want to make their career in this field will also be encouraged.

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