Bluetti introduced EP500Pro solar power station with 6000 charging cycles, know the price

Bluetti has introduced its new power station in Europe. It has been introduced in the name of EP500Pro power station. The company says that it has a battery capacity of 5,100Wh which gives long lasting performance. This battery storage device can be charged at a speed of 4,000W via AC outlet or solar panel.

Bluetti EP500Pro price, availability

Bluetti EP500Pro in Germany Purchase for available Is. Its original price is € 5,299 (about 4 lakh 35 thousand rupees). But currently it can be bought for € 4,999 (about 4 lakh 10 thousand rupees). It will soon be available in other markets of Europe. No information has been given about its availability in other countries of the world including India.

Bluetti EP500Pro ports and features

Bluetti EP500Pro Power Station Multiple ports have been provided through which many gadgets can be charged. This includes AC (2,000W), USB-A (100W), USB-C (100W), and a wireless charging pad. It comes with three AC outlets, four USB ports, one USB Type-C port, and two wireless charging pads. It has a 3,000W sine wave AC inverter and a lithium iron phosphate battery.

The EP500Pro comes inside an aluminum case that can withstand pressure changes, punctures and pressure. The company says that it can complete 6000 charging cycles before falling to 20 percent power holding capacity. Its weight is 76kg. It has 4 wheels to easily move the device from place to place. Its dimensions are 23 x 1 x 30 inches. It can operate in a range of 60°C, ie -20 to 40°C.

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