Bounce like a monkey, show potatoes on the body’… Shoaib Akhtar told why bouncers used to hit the batsmen

New Delhi. There have been many such fast bowlers in the history of cricket, who have wreaked havoc with their speed. But, whenever there is talk of fastest bowler, Shoaib Akhtar’s name will come at the top of the list. The identity of the Pakistan cricket team has been with fast bowlers and Akhtar was one of them. This bowler, popularly known as Rawalpindi Express, used to blow the senses of the batsmen whenever he came on the field. Many former veteran batsmen who played with Shoaib consider him to be the most dangerous bowler of his era.

Shoaib Akhtar had good variations as a bowler. He was an expert in throwing yorkers and reverse swing. But, he enjoyed throwing bouncers to the batsmen the most. The only reason for this is that the batsmen were relieved to see them bouncing on this ball. Akhtar recently revealed this in a conversation with Sportskeeda.

Batsmen bounce like monkeys, so used to throw bouncers: Shoaib
Akhtar said, “I used to throw bouncers because I found it very relaxing to see batsmen bouncing like monkeys. I will not lie. I wanted to hit the batsmen over the head because I had the pace. That’s the advantage of being a fast bowler, it just had to happen.”

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‘Batsman remember my name, that was all I wanted’
The former Pakistan fast bowler further said, “He always wanted to hit the batsmen’s body so that whenever they looked in the mirror, they would remember me. He said, “Josh was in full swing because of the long run-up. Long hair and heart beat were 185+, so you definitely wouldn’t have bowled a full length ball. Only kept in mind that potatoes should be visible in the body of the batter (swelling should be visible on the body). Whenever the batsman looked at himself in the mirror, he remembered my name. This is true love.”

Akhtar struggled with injury in his international career. But, he never compromised on speed. Akhtar has taken 247 wickets in 163 ODIs for Pakistan. At the same time, he has 178 wickets in 46 Tests. He retired after playing the 2011 World Cup.

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