Boxer lost his life in live match, everyone’s heart was shaken after watching the painful video. Hindi News

Boxer Died in Live Match: A very shocking news from the world of boxing has come out on Thursday. In fact, Germany’s famous boxer Musa Yamak lost his life right in the middle of the live match. This news is very shocking for the sports world. Let us tell you that this boxer did not lose a single fight in his career and he won all his matches through knock out.

Boxer’s life lost in live match

The reason behind the death of boxer Musa Yamak has shaken everyone. Let us tell you that Musa did not die due to excessive beating in the match but due to heart attack in the middle of the match. Musa was 38 years old and had a heart attack on 14 May during a match. Let us tell you that Musa never lost his match and he also had many big titles in this game.

video is going viral

A video of the incident of Musa Yamak’s death is becoming fiercely viral on social media. It can be seen in this video that Musa suddenly falls while fighting against his opponent Boxer. After a while a crowd gathers inside the ring and Musa’s team picks them up and takes them for treatment. But the bad news was that this champion boxer could not save his life.

broke in the middle ring

In fact, a match was going on between boxer Musa (Musa Yamak), winner of the European Championship and Asian Championship, and Hamza Wandera of Uganda. Meanwhile, in the second round, Vandera gave a strong punch to Musa. After this, just before the third round, Moses fell in the ring and could not get up again. Seeing him, the match officials present there reached him and rushed him to the hospital. There the doctors declared him brought dead.

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