Breaking the shackles of relationships, these 4 cricketers married their own cousin sister, a couple has 5 children

Nowadays, fans are curious to know about the love affairs and marriage of cricketers. Among these, the marriages of many cricket players are unique, because they had made their own cousin sister their bride. There are 4 cricketers who did not even see kinship before love and married their cousin sister only. Big names are included in this list. Let’s take a look at some such cricketers, who have married their own cousin sister.

1. Shahid and Nadia

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi married his maternal uncle’s daughter Nadia at the age of 20. Since then they have been together for almost 19 years. Nadia is very reserved, who was never seen during the match with Shahid. Shahid Afridi married Nadia on 22 October 2000. She seems to be my cousin in their relationship. Nadia is the daughter of Shahid Afridi’s maternal uncle. Shahid and Nadia are parents to 5 daughters named Aksa, Ansha, Ajwa, Asmara and Arva.

2. Mustafizur Rahman and Samia Parveen

Bangladesh fast bowler Mustafizur Rahman had also tied the knot with his cousin Samia Parveen Shimu, who is studying psychology. They were married in the year 2019 March.

3. Mosaddek Hussain and Sharmeen Sameera

Bangladesh cricket team’s young cricketer Mosaddek Hossain also married his cousin Sharmin Sameera in the year 2012. Mosaddek Hussain also remained in the headlines for his personal life. He was accused of harassing his wife for dowry. Because of this case, Mosaddek also lost his place from the team.

4. Saeed Anwar and Lubna

In 1996, Pakistani cricketer Saeed Anwar married his cousin Lubna. Lubna is a doctor by profession. Coincidentally, this was the year when Saeed was showing his best in the Test cricket ground. Anwar was enjoying happy moments in his life that suddenly in 2001 his daughter’s untimely death happened and after that he was badly broken. This player could not continue his game and retired after the 2003 World Cup.

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