Brezza’s magic in the sub-four meter segment, people are buying this SUV fiercely

Sub 4 meter SUVs are becoming very popular in the Indian market. For the past few years, they have occupied a niche between hatchbacks and compact SUVs. Today we are telling you in detail about the sale of these SUVs in the market. In the last two months, the Brezza has gained ground from the Nexon.

Sub 4 meter SUV sales in October

Brezza sold 9,941 units this year as compared to 8,032 units sold last year. At the same time, there has been a decline in comparison to 15,445 units sold last month. Has seen a growth of 23.77% year-on-year. At the same time, a month-on-month decline of 35.64% has been recorded. The market share of Brezza in this segment is 18.63%. And the recently launched Hyundai Venue sold 9,585 units as compared to 10,554 units sold in the previous year. And last month the company had sold 11,033 units.

There has been a decline of 9.18% year-on-year and 13.12% month-on-month. Sonet registered a year-on-year growth of 39.89% with 7,614 units. It is number four in this list. Month-on-month the company witnessed a decline of 18.02% with a volume loss of 1,677 units.

The XUV300 has secured the fifth position. The company sold 6,282 units last month. This is the second sub 4 meter SUV, which has registered growth year on year and month on month. There has been an increase of 49.46% year-on-year and 3.32% month-on-month growth. XUV300 has gained 11.78% this month.

Nissan Magnite has registered a decline in sales during this period. At the same time, Renault Kiger has also lagged behind in this. Magnite has sold 2,819 units, registering a decline of 16.82% YoY with 570 units. There is a decline of 250 units i.e. 8.15%. Kiger has sold 2,685 units. Kiger’s sales declined by 1.59% year-on-year and 5.92% month-on-month. Magnite has 5.28% market share in this segment. Whereas Kiger has 5.03% market share.

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