Bumper recruitment in Air India! Company will hire 4200 cabin crew, 900 pilots, know details

Air India has announced to recruit 900 pilots and 4200 cabin crew to expand operations on its network. Air India is now under Tata Group. Apart from pilots and cabin crew staff, the company is also in the process of hiring some maintenance engineers, it is said. The company recently announced the purchase of 470 aircraft to expand its fleet, which will include Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Air India Has placed the biggest ever order to buy 470 planes. Obviously, the company will also need staff to fly these airplanes, due to which Air India has announced the recruitment of 900 pilots and 4200 cabin crew staff. Reuters’s Report According to the company, the company has also talked about hiring 36 airplanes. Two of these airplanes have already joined the company’s fleet, it is said.

According to the report, the fleet of Air India and Air India Express currently includes a total of 140 planes. Most of these are narrow body i.e. less wide body planes. Of the 470 planes ordered by the company, 70 airplane They have been described as having a broad body. According to the company, 31 of these ships will be included in its fleet this year. Air India Group has become much bigger now as it includes the merger of Air India and Vistara. Also, Air India Express and Air Asia are included in this, so for the operation of such a large fleet, the company will also need a large number of staff.

Air India is going to do this recruitment on All India basis, that means the staff will be recruited from every part of India. Selected trainees will undergo a 15-week learning program consisting of classroom and in-flight training. According to the company, since May last year, it has hired 1900 cabin crew, out of which 500 cabin crew have been deployed on flights in the last 3 months.

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