Call this number immediately in case of online fraud, you can get your money back

Online Fraud: Cases of online fraud, or cyber fraud are heard every day. In today’s increasingly digital world, the biggest problem is to avoid hackers, scammers and frauds. Cyber ​​police advise people to avoid scams, hacks or leaks. There are many types of online frauds, such as asking for money on the pretext of a job, or robbing by posing as fake customer care executives. People don’t even get a clue and they are cheated. If this happens to you too, what will you do?

Although the cyber police keep working to make people aware on their behalf, but still, many people are not aware that if they online fraud If it happens, what should they do? Don’t worry, we have gathered here for you all the important information that you need to know.

It is often seen that people Fraud When it happens, they reach the police after wasting time, but till then the person or group who commits cybercrime keeps themselves away from reach. Here, if you are a little cautious and have a clue that something wrong has happened to you, then you have an easy and quick way to report frauds.

Complain in these ways on cyber fraud

if you or someone you know cyber fraud If any incident happens, the first thing you have to do is call 1930 from your phone and without wasting any time. Calling this number immediately increases your chances of getting your swindled money back, as it saves a lot of time.

According to Cyber ​​Police, online fraud In less than an hour after it happens, you have to call 1930 and share all the important information. In this, the victim will have to provide his and the criminal’s bank account details (if the criminal has shared back account details), UPI link (if the criminal has cheated through UPI) and some other information related to his personal or incident to the police. . By doing this, the police without losing time tries to freeze the account in which the money has gone.

There is also a way to register a complaint through the website. You can go to website, where you will get many options, in which you have to go to Report Cyber ​​Crime section. Here you have to click on File a Complaint option. Now after checking on I Accept, you will be taken to a new window, where you will have to submit the information asked.

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