Captain Harmanpreet Kaur said on bad umpiring – next time we come to Bangladesh…


Harmanpreet Kaur not happy with umpire’s decision
Captain Harmanpreet looked angry after the match

New Delhi. The Indian women’s team that went on Bangladesh tour could not win the ODI series. The series ended in a 1–1 draw. The third ODI was full of controversies as captain Harmanpreet Kaur was not happy with the umpire’s decision. He also hit his bat on the stump in anger. After the match, she looked very disappointed and said a big thing in the press conference.

After the match, Harman said, “We got to learn a lot in this series. The way the umpiring has happened here is astonishing. We are surprised by this. Whenever we come to Bangladesh next time, we will come with the determination that we will have to face similar umpiring here and we will come prepared for it.

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Harmanpreet further said, “Bangladesh team batted well. We also ran the game well, but as I said earlier, due to bad umpiring, the match changed and we lost the match. Please tell that the Indian team could only score 225 runs in the third ODI.

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What was the whole matter?

Actually, Nahida Akhtar was bowling the 34th over for Bangladesh. The umpire gave LBW out to Harmanpreet on the ball that Nahida bowled on the fourth ball. Harmanpreet was not happy with this decision. He gestured that the ball hit his bat and not his pad. But the umpire did not pay much attention to it. Harmanpreet also showed her thumb towards the audience. Please tell that Harmanpreet Kaur could score only 14 runs in 21 balls in this match.

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