Caviar Thunderball is an electric scooter made of 18 carat gold with 160 KM range, know the price

Caviar Company is known for making common products valuable. This company has already been modifying many types of products including Apple iPhones, Samsung Fold, Airpods, Apple Watches in gold, titanium and various types of limited editions. Now, the company has launched the custom Thunderball based on the Minimotors Dualtron X2 electric scooter. The biggest feature of this scooter is that most of its parts are made of gold.

Caviar’s accordingThe Thunderball electric scooter based on the Dualtron X2 will be priced at $49,000 (around Rs 39 lakh). The company will present it on October 1 and its sale will also start from the same day. Currently, customers interested in buying the e-scooter can pre-book it through the official website. 49 thousand dollars is its original price. If the customer wants to make any other changes in it, then he will have to pay more for the same. The company says that each unit will take two months to be ready. Customers who pre-order this e-scooter will get iPhone 14 for free.

If we talk about the basic Dualtron X2 e-scooter, it usually costs between $6,015 and $6,720.

Many parts of Thunderball are gold plated, but some parts are made from solid gold. As we mentioned, this e-scooter from Caviar is based on Minimotors Dualtron X2. If we talk about the specifications of the Dualtron X2, it is a powerful standing e-scooter with a top speed of 100 kmph. This scooter can be run up to 150-160 km in a single charge. It weighs 66 kg, but is capable of lifting up to 150 kg.

The powertrain present in this e-scooter is capable of generating peak energy of 8.3kW. It gets hydraulic suspension at the front and rear. In addition, it also gets electric assistance with hydraulic disc braking. This e-scooter can be driven in any kind of terrain.

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