Chatbot AI Bard gave the wrong answer to this question! Google suffered a loss of more than 8 thousand billion rupees!

Google’s parent Alphabet has recently launched AI Bard, due to which the company had to bear a loss of around $ 100 billion. AI Bard gave a wrong answer to a question which cost the tech giant a huge loss. Due to this, its shares fell by several percent. What is the whole matter, we tell you.

Google Its AI chatbot Bard has been launched recently. It is still in the experimental phase. one of reuters Report According to, this chatbot was questioned during an advertisement, to which it answered wrongly. chatbot To the question- “What new discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) should a 9-year-old be told about?” In response, Bard wrote that the James Webb Space Telescope has been used to search for planets outside our solar system. This answer was considered incorrect because the first pictures of exoplanets were taken through the European Observatory’s Very Large Telescope.

AI Bard’s wrong answer caused the company’s shares to drop by nearly 8 percent. Due to this, the company suffered a loss of $ 100 billion (about Rs 8,250 billion). AI Bard is currently in the experimental phase and is based on LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications). This is done using OpenAI’s ChatGPT (Chat GPT) has been entered in the competition. Chat bots are robots that can talk. These are based on artificial intelligence. These are devices that people can talk to.

Chatbots do not have a mind of their own, rather they are fed from pre-existing data. When a question is asked to them, they gather information from this data and answer that question. ChatGPT also gave wrong answers to similar questions in the initial days. These chatbots work on the basis of machine learning and data algorithms. It is said that they have almost zero margin of error, but then they are machines after all, so they cannot be trusted 100%.

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