China banned ChatGPT services, accused America of this!

ChatGPT has been banned by China in the country. All tech companies have been banned for providing ChatGPT services on their platform. In this regard, the state media has said that the US-based ChatGPT is spreading misinformation about China which could be a threat to the unity of China. Due to this, all tech companies have been banned from providing ChatGPT services in any way.

China has Chat GPT Behind the banning of the services, its unity and security have been told as a threat. According to Forbes report, regulators have instructed companies that ChatGPT in China should not be provided in the country either directly or through a third party. It also includes WeChat’s parent company Tencent and Alibaba’s affiliate group Ant Group. Like other web platforms, ChatGPT is also blocked by China’s firewall.

According to the report, earlier the services of ChatGPT were available to some users through third party apps on WeChat, but now Tencent Has removed that too. Not only this, apart from banning chatbot services, another instruction has also been given to the tech companies here. It states that if a tech company is going to launch its own chatbot or any similar service, which is AI based, before that the company will have to get clearance from the regulators for the same.
regulators say chatgpt Helping the US government to spread its propaganda. The government is using AI chatbot service for its own vested interests. ChatGPT had recently made a list of controversial people, regarding which a controversy has also arisen.
The AI ​​chatbot had also included world celebrities such as Elon Musk, Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping in the list of controversial people. It also gave a negative rating to the Communist Party.

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