Chopra on Umran Malik Team India call no need to take hasty decisions 100 runs given in last 8 overs

Delhi Capitals beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 21 runs in the 50th match of IPL 2022. However, the number 21 must have also sat in the mind of Umran Malik, the fastest bowler of the 15th season of IPL. Because Umran, who became famous for his stormy bowling, got a total of 21 runs in his very first over of the match by Delhi Capitals opener David Warner with the help of two fours and 1 six and faced the pace of Umran’s fast bowling.

After this, Malik’s line and length deteriorated so much that he conceded 52 runs in 4 overs and was the highest run-getter in the match. However, in his overs, he was also seen bowling at the speed of 155 and 157 km / h. He also bowled the fastest bowling of IPL 2022, on which Powell hit a four.

Since the beginning of this season, there has been a debate about getting him a place in the Indian team. But should he be a part of the Indian team for this year’s T20 World Cup? Former India opener Aakash Chopra feels that Umran should not be in a hurry. Because he has scored more than 100 runs in his last two IPL matches.

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Aakash Chopra said, “There is no need to make hasty decisions. There is a rule in India that if you bowl at 150 kmph, you will definitely play for the country, be it now or later. But he has conceded hundred runs in his last eight overs. Give him some time. He should travel with the Indian team, but he should not rush to play international cricket.”

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He said, “Just got a sense of what he can and can’t do. The ball is going well and he is focusing on swinging the ball and not on the speed. There was a time when he was in the air. Tried to speed through.” , but not now. It is consistency, experience and acceptance that has changed the way Bhuvneshwar bowls.

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