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Chris Gayle Dwayne Bravo Andre Russell Kieron Pollard stared West Indies fails in T20 World Cup Team India can take some lesson

New Delhi. West Indies cricketers rule the hearts of fans due to their game, but their magic did not work in the T20 World Cup 2021. It is difficult to believe that the team in which Chris Gayle, Kieran Be it all-rounders like Pollard, Dwayne Bravo, Andre Russell, Jason Holder, she got all four. Two-time champion West Indies lost 3 out of their 4 matches in this T20 World Cup (T20 WC) when they were out of the race for the semi-finals. , when each team has at least one match left to play. Incidentally, when West Indies became the champions of T20 World Cup in 2012, all these all-rounders were seen dancing in Gangnam style. Part of the West Indies team, a leader, a star, but maybe no longer a teamman…

Whenever there is talk of any deficiency of the Indian team in the T20 World Cup, the all-rounder is mentioned. It is said that the Indian team does not have the best all-rounder, so the balance of the team gets disturbed. On the contrary, look at West Indies. There are not one or two but five such all-rounders in this team, who have the ability to make a place in any team in the world. Still the team is not able to beat anyone except Bangladesh.

The team in which Dwayne Bravo comes to bat at number 10, his batting is scattered again and again. But why? When trying to find the answer to this question, you will find that every West Indies player is a matchwinner, a star, but perhaps it is not a well organized team. Ever since the league culture has grown in cricket, Caribbean cricketers have taken the most advantage of it. These players participate in every major T20 league and become the favorite of their franchise.

Take the Indian Premier League ie IPL itself. Dwayne Bravo has been with it ever since he became a part of Chennai Super Kings. Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell are retained by Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders almost every time. Sunil Narine is also a regular member of KKR. That is, these players have become necessary for their respective franchises. Obviously they are matchwinners. But the other side of the coin is that these cricketers never play together for the West Indies because of the league culture. West Indies have suffered due to this other aspect in the T20 World Cup.

Star culture also dominates in countries like West Indies and India. Here once a player attains a big position, then selectors, coaches or captains are afraid to lay their hands on him. Teams like New Zealand, England have been free from star culture. You see the world of advertising from T20 leagues, you will see less cricketers from New Zealand or England than West Indies. England who is the winner of the 2019 World Cup, New Zealand who is the runner-up of the last World Cup and the world champion of Test, you will hardly find a star or two. Especially New Zealand is the perfect example of a team game. This is the reason why sky is never expected from these teams but their performance is commendable every time. On the other hand, teams like West Indies get blown up anytime by raising sky-high expectations.

The lesson of West Indies being out of desperation from the T20 World Cup is clear. A successful team doesn’t need superstars, but great players are needed. Players who consider themselves to be ‘Universe Boss’ may be necessary for the success of the T20 league, but their popularity should not be taken into account while being selected in the national team. While being selected for the national team, only one thing should be kept in mind that what will be the role of such a player and whether he is fit in it. Stardom can increase the brand value of the team, but to win the trophy, only the perfect team is needed, which teammen make players with value.

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