Coach said- Rohit Sharma does not want to rest, now will he get rest? last season was very bad

Mumbai. Mumbai Indians head coach Mark Boucher said that he has no problem in resting captain Rohit Sharma during the group rounder of IPL 2023. If they need it, they will be given rest, but perhaps they themselves do not want to rest. The performance of 5-time champion Mumbai Indians was very poor in the last season. The team could win only 4 out of 14 matches and remained at the bottom 10th position in the table. Talking about the current season, Mumbai has to face Royal Challengers Bangalore in the first match on 3 April. Apart from the final of the World Test Championship, Rohit also has to appear in the World Cup to be held in October-November. In such a situation, the BCCI is constantly keeping an eye on the workload of the players. He has also instructed all the franchisees regarding this.

Rohit Sharma did not say anything while talking to the media on Wednesday when he was given rest. Coach Mark Boucher definitely clarified the team’s strategy on this. Boucher said, ‘As far as resting Rohit Sharma is concerned, he is the captain of the team. It is expected that he will be in excellent rhythm during this period. It is expected that they do not want to rest, but whatever the situation, we will work accordingly. It is known that Rohit could not score a single half-century in the last season of IPL. He could score only 268 runs at an average of 19.

All-rounder will not be affected
Former South African veteran cricketer Mark Boucher said that if I can get the best out of Rohit Sharma as a captain and as a player, it would be great and that means if he is to rest for a match or two. If you want, I will do it. There will be no problem in this. On the rule of ‘Impact’ player being implemented from the new season of T20 league, Rohit Sharma said that this will not reduce the role of all-rounder players.

Not only Rohit Sharma, Kohli also will not appear in the entire match of IPL! The reason is clear, Virat played maximum 2500+ balls

Rohit Sharma said that I do not know whether it will affect an all-rounder or not, because an all-rounder will always be an all-rounder. No matter at what stage of the game, you have the option of bowling him at any time or batting at any time. He said that you can use the impact player as the fifth or sixth bowler or as an additional batsman.

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