Commonwealth games 2022 Canada vs England Hockey Match fight betwwen Balraj Panesar Chris Girffiths pool |CWG 2022

Canada vs England Hockey Match: Men’s hockey match was played between England and Canada in the Commonwealth Games on Thursday. The match was of hockey, but the audience got to see wrestling in it. When the players of England and Canada clashed and fought fiercely. The audience was stunned to see this feat. The fight between the players increased so much that later the referee had to come and intervene.

Canada and England players clash

To reach the semi-finals, the players of England had to win by a big margin. For this, the players of the England team were showing continuous attacking games to score goals against Canada. Then Balraj Panesar’s hockey stick hit the hand of Chris Griffiths of England and got stuck. This enraged Griffith and pushed Panesar, which enraged Panesar and grabbed the England player’s neck. Then both of them grabbed each other’s T-shirts and started pulling. It seems that the playground has become a battlefield.

The referee intervened

There was such a terrible fight between Balraj Panesar and Griffith, that the audience could not believe their eyes after seeing it. Later the referee had to intervene. After this the players of both the teams came and separated the two. After this the referee showed the red card to Balraj Panesar of Canada and sent him out of the match. At the same time, Chris Griffith of England was warned by showing the yellow card.

England won the match by a huge margin

Canada had to suffer the loss of one player. He had to pay for this by losing the match. England won the match 11-2, but still the team could not reach the semi-finals. They had to win by a margin of 15 goals to make it to the semi-finals. At the same time, the Indian team has reached the semi-finals with Shaan. Team India has not won gold medal in the history of Commonwealth till date, but this time India can create history under the captaincy of Manpreet Singh.

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