Commonwealth Games: In which sports has India won the most medals? Know India’s strength and weakness

New Delhi. Only a few hours are left for the Commonwealth Games 2022 to begin. Some players have reached Birmingham for the upcoming games. While some players will come here after participating in global tournaments. The Indian team participated in the Commonwealth Games for the first time in the year 1934. This was the games second season. Since then, Indian players have participated in 17 seasons in this Games. During this, the country has got 503 medals. This includes 181 gold, 173 silver and 149 bronze medals. The year 2010 was a memorable season for India. In fact, this year, Indian players have won a total of 101 medals, giving an introduction to the great game. During this, India was on the second position overall with 38 gold medals.

Before the start of Commonwealth Games 2022, the countrymen are once again expecting the best performance from the players. The performance of Indian players on British soil has also been excellent. In such a situation, before the start of this season, talk about which sports the country has more chances of getting a medal, then we are telling you about the strength and weakness of the Indian team:

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India’s strength in commonwealth games

1- India has participated in every season of the Commonwealth Games except for four seasons (1930, 1950, 1962 and 1986). During this, the country got the maximum number of medals in shooting. But this year shooting has not been included in the Commonwealth Games. Due to which Indian expectations have got a big blow. The country has received a total of 135 medals in shooting. This includes 63 gold, 44 silver and 28 bronze medals.

2- After shooting, the sport in which India has won the maximum number of medals is weightlifting. In such a situation, this year Indian fans will have high expectations from the weightlifters. India has been the best performing country in weightlifting in 1990, 2002 and 2018. In the history of Commonwealth Games, India is at the second place in this game with 125 medals. Only Australia (159) has more medals in the weightlifting event of these games. In the last few tournaments, however, Australia’s dominance has decreased, while the status of Indian bigwigs has increased.

3- Indian wrestlers have so far won 102 medals in the Games. Not only this, Indian wrestlers are second only to Canada in terms of winning the maximum number of medals in wrestling. India has won 43 gold, 37 silver and 22 bronze medals in wrestling. When Indian wrestlers take the field for the Commonwealth Games 2022, they will once again be expected to win many medals.

4- Apart from weightlifting and wrestling, Indian players have also excelled in boxing and badminton in the Commonwealth Games. Here players have won 37 medals in boxing and 25 medals in badminton. Indian boxers have so far received 8 gold, 12 silver and 17 bronze medals in the Commonwealth Games. At the same time, 7 gold, 7 silver and 11 bronze medals have been won in badminton. Indian fans will once again be hopeful of medals in boxing and badminton.

India’s weakness in Commonwealth Games

1- Swimming has been India’s weakest link in the Commonwealth Games. The country has got just one bronze medal here. In fact, Australia, Canada, Japan and Chinese players have always dominated this prestigious tournament. However, this time it is expected that Indian players will win medals in this game as well.

2- Like swimming, the condition of the Indian team in gymnastics and judo has also been poor. The team has got 3 medals in gymnastics and 8 medals in Judo. The condition is that India is still hopeful of its first gold medal in these games.

3- The performance of the Indian team in tennis and squash has also been remarkable. The Indian team has won only four medals in tennis with one gold, one silver and two bronze. At the same time, three medals with one gold and two silver have been received in squash and a total of four medals with one gold and three silver in hockey.

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