Commonwealth Games: India had a great start with a medal, had to wait a long time for gold


More than 200 players from India are participating in the Games
Commonwealth Games were organized for the first time in 1930
Overall 22nd season of the Games to be held in Birmingham

New Delhi. The stage has been set for the new season of Commonwealth Games 2022. It is going to start in Birmingham from 28th July. More than 5 thousand athletes from 72 countries including India are participating in it. If we look at the history of the Games, it started in 1930. At that time it was known as the British Empire Games. For the first time it was organized in Hamilton (Ontario), Canada. Indian players did not participate in it. For the first time, Indian players landed in the 1934 Games in London. 6 players of India participated in only 2 sports athletics and wrestling. Wrestler Rashid Anwar won the bronze medal in 74 kg to give India its first medal of the Games. In this way, India started the Games with a medal. However, we had to wait a long time for the gold medal.

Apart from the Commonwealth Games, Rashid Anwar also appeared in the Olympics. He participated in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Although he could not win the medal here. He was also preparing for the 1940 Olympics. But the Games could not be organized due to the Second World War. Anwar worked as an ambulance driver during the war. In such a situation, he is known for his commendable work even outside the field. Talking about the history of the Games, India has won a total of 102 medals in wrestling including 43 gold so far. So far Indian players have won more than 100 medals in only 3 sports.

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Milkha Singh got the first gold
India had to struggle a lot to get the first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games. Milkha Singh got the first gold in 1958 in Cardiff. He won this medal in 440 yards. Leela Ram also won gold in wrestling in the same games. Looking at the history of athletics, India has so far won a total of 28 medals including 5 gold.

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Got 10 medals for the first time in 1966
Talking about the history of Commonwealth Games, for the first time in 1966, India reached double digits of medals. Then he got 3 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals. During this, 7 medals were won by wrestling players. Bishambhar Singh, Mukhtiyar Singh and Bhim Singh captured gold. Whereas Shemrao Sable and Randhawa Singh won the silver medal. Apart from this, Hukum Singh and Vishwanath Singh won bronze medals. Praveen Kumar won silver in hammer throw of athletics. Dinesh Khanna got bronze medal in Badminton. This was also India’s first medal in badminton at the Games. And in weightlifting, Mohan Lal Ghosh won silver.

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Overall this 22nd event, India did not land 4 times
The Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham is the overall 22nd event. Talking about India, he did not land 4 times during this period. Apart from 1930, our players did not participate in the games held in New Zealand in 1950, Perth in 1962 and Scotland in 1986. Talking about the history of the Games, India has been successful in winning more than 100 medals only once. In the Commonwealth Games held in Delhi in 2010, Indian players won 101 medals including 38 gold, 27 silver and 36 bronze medals. In the last Games held in Gold Coast in 2018, India got 66 medals including 26 Gold, 20 Silver and 20 Bronze.

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The games are going to start from 28th July. A total of 215 players from India will show their mettle in 16 sports. However, India has suffered a major setback due to the cancellation of the shoot. If you look at the history of the Games, India has won the maximum number of 135 medals in shooting. This includes 63 gold, 44 silver and 28 bronze medals.

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India has so far won 503 medals including 181 gold, 173 silver and 149 bronze medals in the overall Commonwealth Games. This time for the first time women’s cricket has also been included in it. The Indian team led by Harmanpreet Kaur is also a medal contender.

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