Commonwealth Games: India won the most medals in the Shooting World Cup, but will have to remain empty-handed in the Commonwealth Games, know why?


CWG 2022 to be held in Birmingham, UK from July 28
Indian shooters will not be able to participate in Commonwealth Games this time
Indian shooters have won 15 medals in the recent Shooting World Cup

New Delhi. This time 215 athletes from India will participate in 19 different sports in the Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham, UK from July 28 to August 8. After the historic performance of Indian players in the Tokyo Olympics, the fans are expecting a large number of medals in the Commonwealth Games. The one sport in which India has dominated the most in the history of the Commonwealth Games is shooting. India has so far won the maximum number of medals in shooting. India has so far won more than 60 gold medals in shooting. But, this time the hands of Indian shooters will remain empty in the Commonwealth Games. That too when he has won the maximum number of medals in the recently concluded Shooting World Cup in South Korea.

Indian shooters have won a total of 15 medals including 5 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze medals in the World Cup. However, this time both shooting and archery have not been included in the Commonwealth Games 2022. For this reason, neither Indian shooters nor archers will be part of the Games. When shooting is not a part of the Commonwealth Games, how will the shooters win medals?

Why not join Shooting CWG 2022?
There are 10 core sports in the Commonwealth Games, which cannot be removed, which are part of the Games every time. It includes sports such as athletics, badminton, boxing (only men), netball (only women), hockey, weightlifting, rugby 7s (only men). Apart from this, 7 more sports can be added. However, it is decided by the host country and every time many sports outside the core sports are included and many are removed.

Shooting and archery are among the optional sports. For this reason, being the host country, Britain has not kept shooting in the Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham. However, the reasoning given by the host country for this is very shocking. The host did not include shooting in the list of games, saying that Birmingham does not have a shooting range. Not only this, the host city also argued for distance. Initially there was a proposal to organize the shooting event at Bisle. But the distance of this city from Birmingham was 150 miles. For this reason the host did not keep the shooting.

IOA threatened to boycott CWG 2022
The Indian Olympic Association was very disappointed with this decision and even threatened to boycott these games. After this, an attempt was made to find a middle way and then it was confirmed that there would be a Commonwealth Championship of Archery and Shooting before the Commonwealth Games and the medals won in this would be added to the medal tally of the Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham.

The Commonwealth Games Federation had accepted this proposal of the Indian Olympic Association. After this, the Commonwealth Championship of shooting was to be held in Delhi last year. But, due to Corona this championship itself had to be cancelled.

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How much loss to India due to non-shooting?
India is at a big loss by not including shooting in the Commonwealth Games 2022. Due to this, the number of medals of India will be less than before. In the last Commonwealth Games, India had won 16 medals in shooting alone. In such a situation, due to non-availability of shooting in the Birmingham Games, India’s position in the medal tally may also remain low. India won a total of 66 medals including 26 gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze medals in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games held in 2018 and was third after hosts Australia, England. Then India won 12 medals including 5 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze in wrestling after 16 shooting.

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