Thursday, December 9, 2021

Controversy Over Virat Kohli Restaurant Chain Following Allegations by LGBTQIA and Activism Group – Latest Cricket News

Indian cricket team’s ODI and Test captain Virat Kohli is in the news for another kind of controversy. Kohli’s restaurant chain One8 Commune has been accused of not allowing homosexuals to enter its restaurant. There has been a lot of ruckus about this on social media. Kohli’s ‘One8 Commune’ restaurants are run in Pune, Delhi and Kolkata and it is being said that homosexuals are not allowed in Kohli’s restaurant. The post further states that gay men are not getting entry in these restaurants while transwomen ie gay women are being given entry by looking at the dress. However, seeing the ruckus increasing in this matter, the company has clarified itself.

Yes We Exist, a group defending the rights of the gay community, posted a post on Instagram, in which they said, ‘Virat Kohli You probably don’t know about this, but your restaurant ‘One8 Commune’ in Pune has LGBTQIA+ guests. discriminates against. Other branches also have a similar policy. This is unexpected and unacceptable. Hope you change it soon. Zomato should either do a better job of sensitizing restaurants or shutting down discriminatory businesses.

According to The Indian Express, the Pune branch of the restaurant did not allow gay couples or gay groups of men to enter its restaurant. The restaurant, however, has denied all allegations and said that it has a ban on ‘stag entry’, which means ‘individual boys are not allowed’.

Seeing the growing ruckus on social media, the company itself has clarified on this. One8 Commune wrote on Instagram, ‘We welcome and respect everyone without any discrimination. As our name suggests we are always ahead in the service of all the community. As per the industry trends and government regulations, we have a ban on stag entry. It does not mean that we are against any community. But still, if there has been any unintentional incident or there has been any mis-communication, then we want that person to meet us, so that we can resolve this dispute properly. Customers are our priority and building strong and long lasting relationships with them is part of our approach.

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