Cricket Facts Cricketer Who Became Poor after Retirement Chris Cairns Arshad Khan| These 5 veteran players were forced to live their life in poverty, had earned a lot of name in world cricket

Cricketer Who Became Poor: Cricket is considered one of the richest sports in the world. Cricketers are known for living their luxury life. You must have heard about many cricketers becoming rich from poor. But do you know those players who have become poor from rich after playing international cricket. Today we will tell you about such players who spent their life in poverty after leaving cricket.

Chris Cairns
Former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cairns retired from international cricket in 2004. After retiring, Chris started the business of Hero, in which he suffered a lot, after which he used to do driving and truck washing to support the family.

Arshad Khan
Arshad Khan has been one of the most prolific spin bowlers of the Pakistan cricket team. Arshad Khan, who retired from international cricket after playing 58 ODIs and 9 Test matches, had to work as a taxi driver after retiring. He went to Australia and drove a taxi, after which his good days returned.

Adam Hollioake
Adam Hollioake of the England team was considered the best all-rounder of his era. When Adam retired from cricket, he had to face a lot of financial trouble. He started raising his family by working in mixed martial arts.

Matthew Sinclair
Matthew Sinclair is a New Zealand cricketer. He said goodbye to international cricket in the year 2013. After retiring, his family had to face many problems. Sinclair is now working in a real estate company to support his family.

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