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Cricket Tasmania has expressed displeasure over Cricket Australia’s treatment of Australian Test cricketer Tim Paine, who has resigned as captain for sending obscene messages to a female partner, and has supported Paine in this matter. Cricket Tasmania President Andrew Gagin has criticized Cricket Australia (CA), saying the Australian Cricket Board’s treatment of Tim Paine is “shameful” and the worst for any Australian captain in 50 years. In a statement issued by the Tasmania Cricket Board on Tuesday, Gagin protested the treatment meted out to Paine after he resigned from his Test captaincy after some obscene messages sent by him became public over the years.

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He said, “There is a lot of outrage among Tasmania cricket and the general public about this. Paine has emerged as an example over the past four years and has contributed greatly to the image of Australian cricket after the Cape Town disaster. He is being treated like this when Cricket Australia should have supported him. It is a shame this has happened to the Australian captain and the worst behavior since Bill Lawrie in 50 years. We ask whether it was unfair on the basis of personal talk between two adults to put them in such a position that they have to resign.

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Earlier, former Cricket Australia president David Peever had also said that in such a situation, Penn needed the sympathy of the cricket board. It is noteworthy that on Friday, Paine had to resign from the Test captaincy after some obscene messages sent several years ago became public. Meanwhile, Cricket Australia interim president Richard Freudenstein and chief executive officer (CEO) Nick Hockley said in a joint statement on Saturday that they would have removed Paine from captaincy if he had taken over in 2018. Despite this, Cricket Australia’s Integrity Unit had found Penn not guilty in this case.


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