Cricket with tennis ball, not even first class debut… Why did RCB bet big on this player?


RCB bought 5 uncapped players in the auction
The team entered the auction with a budget of 8.75 crores.
A total of 7 players were added to the auction

new Delhi. Royal Challengers Bangalore had a budget of just 8.75 crores for the IPL auction. In this amount, he had to buy a total of 7 players including 2 foreigners. Due to the low purse size, RCB did not bid on any big player, but bought many such young players who fit in their future plans. One such player is Avinash Singh of Jammu and Kashmir.

RCB included Avinash Singh with a base price of 20 lakhs in their team by paying three times more. RCB made the first bid for Avinash. After this KKR also came forward to take him. Bidding war started from here which ended at Rs 60 lakh. Avinash has not yet made his first class debut. He has played more cricket than tennis ball. He joined the Cricket Academy of Jammu some time back and started playing with leather ball. In such a situation, the question is why did RCB buy him then?

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Following in the footsteps of Umran Malik

In the beginning of this year, RCB camp was organized in Jammu. Here Avinash’s bowling speed particularly impressed the team management. Avinash came to Pune from Jammu and worked more on his bowling. It is being said that like speed star Umran Malik, the speed of Avinash Singh’s balls is the same. Although, Avinash has not been able to make a place in the Jammu and Kashmir team so far, but IPL can prove to be a big opportunity for him. Avinash is the fourth player from Jammu and Kashmir who has joined the IPL team. Vivrant Sharma was bought by Sunrisers Hyderabad in the auction for Rs 2.60 crore. Umran Malik and Abdul Samad of Jammu and Kashmir are already present in the team.

expressed confidence in the youth

RCB bought England’s Will Jacques for 3.20 crores and Reece Topley for 1.90 crores in the auction. At the same time, in Indian players, apart from Avinash Singh, he bought Rajan Kumar for 70 lakhs and Sonu Yadav, Manoj Bhandge and Himanshu Sharma for 20 lakhs each.

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