CSK vs Jadeja: What’s going on in the IPL? First the captain unfollowed, now the franchise did the same thing!

New Delhi. Although IPL is another name for adventure, but controversies have also been associated with it. There are definitely some controversies every season. Happening this time too. The controversies happening this season are in a different way. Usually the disputes have been between the players or the umpiring. Off the field controversy is also not new. But this time there are disputes between the captain and the franchise. It started with Sanju Samson and Rajasthan Royals and now the names of Ravindra Jadeja and Chennai Super Kings have also been added to this list.

In the current IPL controversies, the first thing about Ravindra Jadeja and Chennai Super Kings. Just two days before the start of the season, Chennai Super Kings announced the appointment of Jadeja as the captain. But this decision did not go down well with the team. The team kept on losing and Jadeja’s game went below average. Suddenly Jadeja left the captaincy and Mahendra Singh Dhoni took over the command of the team again. The team also started returning to the path of victory. Looks like everything is fine. But it was probably wrong to think so.

Here, under the captaincy of Dhoni, CSK was returning to the path of victory, while Ravindra Jadeja got injured. The team started winning even without him. Then came the news that Jadeja’s injury was serious and he could be out of the team for this entire season of IPL. But the blast happened on May 11, when suddenly news came that Chennai Super Kings had unfollowed Ravindra Jadeja on Instagram. why did this happen? No one knows this. Silence on controversies is the biggest feature of Indian cricket. In such a situation, to expect that even if there is something wrong going on between Chennai Super Kings and Ravindra Jadeja, it will come to the fore soon, it is like finding water in the desert. So wait.

Now talk of a similar controversy in which another captain and franchise were involved. This dispute happened between Rajasthan Royals and its captain Sanju Samson. The social media team of Rajasthan Royals tweeted a picture before the start of IPL. In this, Captain Sanju Samson was shown wearing an ear ring and it was written ‘Kya bahu dilko ho.’ This exasperated Sanju Samson. He had unfollowed his own team’s social page after the arrival of this tweet. However, this controversy was handled before it escalated and Sanju Samson is not only the captain of Rajasthan Royals, but this team is also performing well in the IPL.

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