CSK vs MI MS Dhoni appeal shook the umpire confidence changed the decision wide in a few seconds and gave the batsman out IPL 2022

When Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni appeals with confidence or takes DRS, the confidence of the biggest players is shaken, but in the match played against Mumbai Indians on Thursday, when Dhoni appealed, the umpire too It seemed that he was very nervous and while giving the signal of wide, gave the signal of out. In this match played on Thursday in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022, there was a lot of controversy regarding umpiring and DRS. Due to a power cut during Chennai Super Kings’ innings, DRS was not available on the opening few balls, which cost CSK the loss of two of their stalwarts. Then during the innings of Mumbai Indians, Dhoni and the team made a strong appeal against Hrithik Roshan on the ball of Simarjit Singh, after which the umpire gave the signal of out with a jerk, indicating a wide.

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Actually this was the sixth over of Mumbai Indians’ innings. It was the third ball of the over and Simarjeet was bowling. Hrithik was fond of the strike at that time. The ball went into Dhoni’s gloves near the leg-stump, it seemed that there was a sound. The umpire was thinking of giving a wide first, but he gave the batsman out soon after the appeal.

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Mumbai Indians had DRS and Hrithik immediately took DRS. Looking at UltraEdge, it was understood that the ball had hit the pad and there was no bat involved in it. The onfield umpire had to change his decision immediately, but for this he is being heavily trolled on social media.

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