CWG 2022: Jeremy fulfills his boxer father’s unfulfilled dream; Now by winning gold, the value of the tricolor has increased

New Delhi. Weightlifters are performing amazingly for India in the Commonwealth Games. After four medals on the second day, 19-year-old Mizoram weightlifter Jeremy Lalrinnunga won the gold medal in the 67 kg category on the third day. Jeremy started the snatch with a weight of 136 kg and lifted it in the very first attempt. In the second attempt, he lifted a weight of 140 kg. This is the record of Commonwealth Games. Jeremy has lifted 143 kg in the third attempt, but he could not succeed in it. However, he was successful in winning the gold medal. Last year in the Commonwealth Championship, he lifted a weight of 141 kg in snatch. He also won the gold medal in this competition by lifting a weight of 305 (141+164 KG).

Jeremy is born in Aizawl. Sports is in his blood as his father was a Junior National Boxing Champion. Jeremy and his four brothers followed in their father’s footsteps and entered sports. Jeremy also started with boxing. But, later got inclined towards weightlifting. He also told the reason for this in an interview. Jeremy had said, there is an academy in my village, where coaches train in weightlifting. When I saw my friends doing weightlifting, I felt that it is a sport of stamina, so I should also get into it.

jeremy’s father was a boxer
Jeremy’s father’s dream of boxing for India remained unfulfilled. He tried to play twice for India. But, he could not succeed. But Jeremy not only fulfilled this dream of his father. Rather, after winning gold in the Youth Olympics, he has now given them a chance to be proud by winning a medal in the Commonwealth Games.

First Indian to win Gold in Youth Olympics
There was a big turning point in Jeremy’s career when in 2011 he was selected in the trials of the Army Sports Institute. It was from here that he started becoming a professional weightlifter. After this, he won the silver medal in the 56 kg weight category at the World Youth Championship in 2016. Won another silver medal in the 2017 World Junior Championship. 2018 was a memorable year for him. He won the bronze medal in the Junior Asian Championship and also created history by winning the gold medal in the Youth Olympic Championship in Argentina. He won the gold medal in the 62 kg weight category by lifting a total of 274 kg (124 kg + 150 kg). He became the first weightlifter in the history of Youth Olympics to win the gold medal.

Ronaldo his favorite player
Apart from weightlifting, Jeremy likes football and Ronaldo is his favorite player. He looks up to Ronaldo as a role model because despite having money and fame, Ronaldo still goes out of his way to give his 100% to the game. This is what inspires him about Ronaldo.

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