Delhi Metro Trying to tackle Reel and Video Problem through Unique Methods

Millions of people travel by metro every day in the capital. Traveling by metro is convenient but due to some people there are many problems in it. Those shooting videos and reels inside the metro train are often the cause of inconvenience to the commuters. In view of this, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has once again advised people not to shoot videos or reels inside metro coaches.

taking it DMRC has released a graphic picture with a warning. DMRC tweeted the picture saying, “Dance videos, reels or any other activity that may cause inconvenience to passengers is strictly prohibited in Delhi Metro.” This step of DMRC is being praised on social media. Some users on social media have advised to put posters inside Metro Ten coaches with information about the ban on such activities. Apart from this, some users have also complained of people having trouble listening to music at high volume. Some people say that those who dance on the aerobridge cause the most trouble.

Delhi Metro has asked commuters to avoid such activities using memes and posters. In some such memes, people have been advised to avoid dancing and not to shoot reels from Sholay movie and this week’s Oscar winning picture of RRR. Delhi Metro had earlier released a meme on the theme of dancing reality show judges Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora and Terent Lewis advising people to avoid such activities.

Inside a Delhi Metro coach over the years Instagram The number of people making reels has increased. The makers of such videos and reels get a lot of views and likes. However, it is also a cause of trouble for people traveling in the metro. Dangerous stunts are also on the rise to create Instagram reels and this has also led to fatal accidents.

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