Delhi People Can Now Give Driving Test in Night For License Transport Department Established Three Automatic Tracks

There is a good news for many people who want to get driving license in Delhi. People desirous of getting permanent driving license will now be able to give driving test in the evening instead of day. This news brings a sigh of relief to those who have to appear for the driving test but are unable to take out time for the test during the day due to duty or any other reasons. Now, Delhi Transport Corporation is introducing Automatic Driving Test Track in Night Shift also. For this, the Delhi government has just started 3 automatic driving test tracks.

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot on Wednesday unveiled the automatic driving test track set up for night test at Shakurbasti, Mayur Vihar and Vishwas Nagar. With this, now those working people have got a sigh of relief, who have to take the test for Permanent Driving License, but due to office or any other work, they are unable to take out time for the test during the day.

The driving test will be conducted from 5 PM to 8 PM on the Automatic Driving Test Track. 45 appointments will be booked daily on each track. At present, 135 driving tests are being conducted daily on these three automatic driving test tracks.

Gehlot said that on these automatic driving test tracks, tests for more than 2,500 driving licenses have already taken place in the night shift since May 1. He informed that some necessary improvements are being made in areas like plane, camera resolution etc. to monitor the test to be conducted in night shift. He also said that the facilities for the night test would be as good as the day test.

8 new ADTTs are also being added to the institutes, which are currently in the tender stage. Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot further informed that the Delhi Transport Department has given the responsibility to Maruti Suzuki Foundation to set up 12 Automatic Driving Test Tracks and Rosmerta Technologie Limited is responsible for maintaining these centres. 17 high resolution cameras have been installed to closely monitor the test. During the driving test, 20 essential driving skills covered under Motor Vehicle Act 99 will be tested.

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