Delivery of Ola S1 Pro which runs 181 km in single charge, people got electric scooter in just 24 hours

The Indian electric two-wheeler industry is growing at a rapid pace and new-e scooters are coming out. Recently there has been news of the early delivery of Ola S1 Pro. Some recent tweets suggest that customers may get the delivery of the Ola S1 Pro within a week, while the operating system update is awaited. For this, the company has already announced that from June 1, 2022, many customers will get their MoveOS 2 Beta. It was learned that the plan follows the start of the company’s third buying window.

Let us tell you that some scooters were delivered within 5 days after payment and some in less than 24 hours. Since its launch, Ola has taken bookings for the Ola S1 Pro through company-defined booking windows. The first was announced for May 21, 2022 and the company did something similar in March 2022 as well.

Ola S1 Pro booking and delivery

For an easy process, customers have to first book for Rs 499. Then to confirm the purchase, a payment of Rs 20,000 has to be made when the sales window opens. The customers who have made the reservation on time have been given complete information in the email.

The delivery process is brand new for Ola Electric and it could be working the right way. Ola is opting for door to door delivery instead of waiting to set up stores in cities. Customers seeking a test drive can book a time slot for themselves at any one of the testing centers in a particular city. Now it comes with a delivery commitment by email in 14 days. As it is clear that the customers do not even need to wait for 2 weeks. The manufacturing unit helps Ola in fast delivery to meet instant bookings and current demand.

Growth in Ola’s sales

The electric scooter manufacturer has set target goals for itself. Its research is necessary to stay on top of the sales chart. At the moment it does not seem like a difficult task. The growth of electric scooters is picking up quite a bit though the overall segment volume is still low. Ola Electric had rapidly topped the sales charts last month, outperforming Hero Electric and Okinawa. However, due to some fire incidents, others including all three companies are currently under investigation. Hero Electric had announced zero dispatch for April 2022 due to global chip shortage.

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