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Kochi: The mini auction of IPL 2023 started on Friday, December 23 at 2.30 pm and lasted till 8.30 pm i.e. 6 hours. In this mini auction of IPL 2023, all the teams had a total purse of Rs 206.5 crore to bid on the players and from which a total of 87 players could be bought. However, all the 10 teams together spent only Rs 167 crore during the auction and bought 80 players. Apart from the players, teams, this auction of IPL was special for many people who had the responsibility of getting this big event done. One of those special people is the name of Arun Singh Dhumal, who was a part of this auction as IPL chairman. After the end of the IPL auction, Arun Singh Dhumal gave an interview to sports journalist Vimal Kumar, in which he shared his experience.

Question: This IPL auction was your debut as BCCI manager, first of all want to know about that, why was the auction different for you?

Answer: It was a good experience, it was fun, I liked the way the foreign players and Indian players were bid. I agree that very good teams have been formed. I am very happy for the way Sam Karen, Cameron Green, Mayank Agarwal got paid and new players like Shivam Mavi got deals. In fact, this was my debut as IPL chairman. We are very happy with the way things happened and the kind of money some players got. We are very happy with the line-up of the teams and are looking forward to the upcoming season.

Question: Sam Karen broke the record in the IPL 2023 auction, you expected Chris Morris’s record to be broken in this mini auction?

Answer: Every time this happens, new records are made in the new IPL, it was not expected, Punjab Kings had taken it for 7 crores at one time, now they are taking it for 18.5 crores, so it was very good for them. I would like to say that this is the strength of IPL.

Question: Players like Rohit Sharma, Hardik would feel that they are getting less money while Sam Karen is getting 18.5 crores, what about Nicholas Pooran getting 16 crores?

Answer: I would not like to comment on it but I am sure he will be happy with his players because money is not everything. The way he is leading his team is excellent.

Question: Now teams have become very aware, everyone’s requirement is different, budget is different, the way we saw Kolkata, initially they didn’t bid because they had to bid on domestic cricket players.

Answer: In short auction, you have to pick very few players and very limited options are available, so some players have good luck, as we saw in this auction as well. It happens that if you have limited options then a good deal will be found.

Question: How was 23rd December for you as the chairman of IPL and what was the highlight of the day for you?

Answer: I agree the way everyone participated, the way people competed for some players, it was very interesting. I wish everyone the best for the upcoming season.

Question: At present the news of corona epidemic has started coming again, so is the heart again afraid that corona may not come at the time of IPL

Answer: There is little, because when we start IPL and prepare, then such news comes, but hopefully I would like to thank the Government of India. The way the excellent vaccination has been done here, I do not think that we will face any problem. We hope that necessary steps will be taken. I agree that the government is paying special attention to this, we will not face any problem.

Q: Are you not surprised to see someone like Sam Curran getting such a huge amount?

Answer: In a mini auction you don’t have many options so each team had set their target on few players and when you have competition like this and there is not much availability of players some of them are expected get more money.

Question: Someone like Cameron Green is getting more money than someone like Ben Stokes, isn’t it surprising?

Answer: The way Ben Stokes has played, I was thinking he would get a better deal but that’s how things happen. No one had imagined the kind of prices some players fetched in the last auction, but their performances on the field never went to that extent, but it happens, sometimes you get a fair valuation or more. player gets, but still the player can perform much more than the price he got. That’s the excitement that you get only in IPL.

Q: There are some rumors that the Ashes will take place right after the IPL, so it seemed that the England players and the Australian players will have some clause that they will not play all the matches, is that something that has come to your notice?

Answer: All these are just speculations and nothing else. I am sure everyone is excited to be a part of IPL and ready to give their best.

Question: There are jokes going on on social media that how would players like Hardik, Rohit or Virat feel when they see players like Cameron Green, Sam Karan getting more money than themselves?

Answer: Enjoy these jokes and what to say…, I cannot comment on it (laughs)

Question: There weren’t too many Indian players in the mini auction, especially talking about the established names, do you think Mayank got a fair deal?

A: Since it was a small auction and most of the players who went to the auction were already part of some teams, I think Mayank got a fair deal, Shivam Mavi got a very good deal, Mukesh got a very good deal So very happy with the way things went in this auction.

Question: It was a wonderful day for you, but the challenges of Covid seem to be returning, are you a little worried?

Answer: There are some concerns but the way our government has responded to Covid, the kind of vaccination program is being seen as a benchmark all over the world. I am hopeful that the way the government has shown vigilance and taken a proactive approach, we are very hopeful that the government will do its best to stop this and we will have a good IPL season.

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