Display like chewing gum has come, you can increase or fold it by pulling it, use it as you like, the features will shake the world

Display maker of Korean tech giant LG has introduced the world’s first 12 high resolution stretchable display. This innovation was announced by LG Display and it offers free-form technology. It is the result of a large-scale R&D project by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy conducted by LG since 2020. Due to technology, the display can be extended, folded and twisted without any damage or crease. Let’s know about this display of LG.

Features and specifications of the new LG high-res stretchable display

New LG The hi-res stretchable display is the first display with 20% stretchability, 100ppi resolution, and full-color RGB. It is very flexible, durable and strong. LG hopes that the product will be well received by the market for commercialization.

The display panel is crafted from the same high quality silicone substrate used in contact lenses. The display has a rubber-like flexibility that can extend its length up to 14 inches. The new LG Stretchable Display uses a Micro-LED light source with a high level of durability. It can withstand strong impacts even with its high resolution.

The S-form spring wired system has been given in the LG Stretchable Display Flexible. It can withstand 10,000 repeated changes in its form, which shows its strength. LG Display has collaborated with 20 organizations in the industrial-academic sector in South Korea to produce products since 2020. The stretchable display can be easily attached to the curved surface. This may prove to be better for commercial applications.

Talking about availability, it is not clear at the moment when the stretchable display will hit the market. LG has been at the forefront of innovative service before leaving the smartphone market. The new stretchable display will be well received across all sectors.

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