Distance from milk, curd, butter, cream, wheat bread is not available, eat chapati of special flour

Along with doing regular workouts to keep yourself fit, you also have to control your food and drink a lot. If you want to stay fit, then you have to give up many of your favorite food and drink. We traditionally eat many such things which are not good for our health. It also includes things made of milk-curd and wheat-rice. Doctors and fitness experts tell that if you want to stay fit then you should stay away from these foods. Today let’s tell the story of one such fitness lover cricketer. This cricketer does not eat things made of curd and milk. They don’t even eat bread made of wheat flour. This cricketer is not only the country’s but the world’s top cricketer. This cricketer is ruling the pitch not for one or two years, but for the whole 15 years. He has a record of 75 centuries in international cricket.

Actually, the cricketer we are talking about today is one of the fittest players in the world in terms of fitness. He does not consume gluten and carbohydrates regarding his fitness. Along with this, he follows many other very strict routines. Actually, gluten is found in abundance in wheat. Because of this your body cannot become fat free. Instead, this cricketer eats flour bread made from other cheeses.

We are talking about the top batsman of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli. Virat is considered to be the fittest among the cricketers of Team India so far. If a list of fit players is made in the history of world cricket, then probably Virat Kohli will be included in the top selected players. Actually, for such players and stars, their body is no less than a temple. They give top priority to their fitness. Many other stars can be included in this list – like Ranbir Singh, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar are all stars who give top priority to their fitness. His fitness is his earning.

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All these stars do not eat bread and rice
Fitness expert Rohan Monga writes on the Quora website that if you want to stay fit and maintain a certain amount of fat according to the requirement in the body, then you have to avoid gluten. Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat bread. But, Lysine is also found along with it in wheat. This increases the sugar level. Along with this, gluten is not digested by many people. For this reason health experts advise many people to avoid it. If you eat wheat bread then your body will not be able to come in an ideal shape. This protein accumulates fat in the upper part of the waist in the body. For this reason, if you want a V shape body, then you have to avoid gluten. Along with this, the amount of calories in roti is high. One roti has an average of 90 to 110 calories. In such a situation, these stars have to find an alternative to bread and rice.

rice substitute
It cannot happen that if a person does not eat bread and rice, then he will not eat anything else. Our body needs food. But, the question here is whether the food is right for us. In such a situation, these stars eat cauliflower rice instead of normal rice. This rice is specially prepared in the food processing unit. It is completely gluten free. The amount of carbohydrates in it is also very less. Its taste is almost like normal rice. Talking about the price, the cost of good quality cauliflower rice is around Rs.400-500 per kg.

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wheat flour substitute
Like rice, these stars eat rotis made of special flour. Usually they use almond flour. It is made in a special way from almonds. This is not any flour grinded in a mill or mill. This flour is prepared by mixing almonds and real and some other special grains with it. The price of good quality almonds in the market is more than 1000 rupees. In such a situation, you can estimate yourself that what will be the rate of Almond Flower. The rate of almond flower on online grocery shopping website is between 700 to 1200 rupees per kg. Health and nutrition experts describe almond flower as the best flour. The amount of carbohydrates in it is very less. With this the nutritional value is high. Its taste is very good. Its rotis look sweet and turmeric. Rotis made from this reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and promotes insulin resistance.

Virat Kohli does not eat curd-milk and wheat rotis
The star cricketer had also said this in a special conversation with Indian Express last year. Regarding his fitness, he had said that for this he had to compromise on many things. He has distanced himself from things like dairy products i.e. milk and butter. He does not eat wheat bread to avoid gluten. Above all, he never eats a full meal now. That is, he fills maximum 90 percent of his hunger. He does not take any processed sugar. He said that adopting discipline life is not easy but later it becomes your habit.

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