Do you know? The fans used to consider the team’s ‘wall’…the veteran was irritated by that name…the reason is interesting

New Delhi. The head coach of the Indian team, Rahul Dravid is also famous among the fans by the name of The Wall. He has earned this name by being the shield of Team India during his batting days. Usually Dravid used to freeze at one end of the pitch. The bowlers of the opposing team used to struggle all day to get him out. During his career, Rahul Dravid destroyed big records. From a batter to captain he played for the team. Not only this, when Sourav Ganguly forced him to do wicketkeeping in ODIs, he could not refuse.

Who gave the name The Wall?

No one knows who used the word The Wall for Rahul Dravid for the first time. Suddenly he became famous among the fans with this name. Fans use the noun The Wall for Dravid in respect. Even Dravid himself does not know where this name came from. Although Dravid himself does not like this name much. Even he is a little irritated by this name.

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Rahul Dravid had said during an interview, “I don’t know why the word The Wall was added to my name. I think some newspaper or editor must have done this. They must have thought that let’s add the word Wall to Dravid’s name so that they get a future headline. Whenever I do not perform well, they can say that there is a crack in the wall. This happened too.

He said, “This type of headline was used for me when I was going through a bad phase. I am both comfortable and uncomfortable with the word Wall, but I would prefer to be called Rahul instead of Wall. I don’t like people shouting wall..wall for me. Rahul is fine.”

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