Does Russian President Putin Have Cancer The director who made the film with him made this claim

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin is the most popular politician of the year 2022. By imposing war on Ukraine, he told the whole world that Russia will not back down from its interests. However, his assessment in this war has proved wrong. Russia is still fighting a war with Ukraine and the Ukrainian army is giving a befitting reply to Russia. However, a Hollywood film director has claimed that Vladimir Putin once had cancer, but is said to have defeated it. Oliver Stone has seen Putin very closely. He also shot a documentary with the Russian President.

of the daily star Report According to recent reports, it has been found that Putin Taking heavy doses of steroids to maintain his health. Some spy documents also suggest that Putin, 70, has early-stage Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer.

Although Oliver Stone says that the Russian President’s cancer has been cured. Oliver Stone saw Putin closely in the year 2017. He then filmed a four-episode interview series with Putin called ‘The Putin Interviews’. In the series, Putin spoke openly about tensions with Western countries and Ukraine. But Oliver Stone admits that the Putin he spoke to is different from the man who imposed the war on Ukraine.

He said, I last saw him 3 years back. The man I knew had nothing to do with the insane, irresponsible and murderous man. He said that Putin is being compared to Hitler and Stalin all over the world. Oliver said that the Putin I knew was rational, calm, always a patriot who worked in the interest of the Russian people.

Significantly, the war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on. Vladimir Putin has accused the US and its allies of playing a “dangerous and violent” game of imposing their terms on other countries. Along with this, America has been warned that if it continues to help Ukraine in this war, its commercial satellites can be targeted.

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