Domino’s buys 800 electric cars to deliver pizza, gives 416 km range in single charge

Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly electrifying their lineups and new electric mobility startups are entering the market, as not only individuals, but logistics and delivery businesses are increasingly looking to electrify their fleets. Replacing with vehicles. Pizza chain Domino’s has also taken a similar step, where the company has bought 800 Chevrolet Bolt electric cars as its delivery vehicles. This move definitely shows that Domino’s wants to reduce its carbon footprint as well as move towards green energy.

Domino’s Announcement While informing that the company has started adding Chevrolet Bolt EV to its fleet. In the US, the company has deployed 100 electric cars across multiple retail outlets and plans to add 700 more electric cars to its fleet in the coming months.

Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner said, “The company began pizza delivery in 1960 with a Volkswagen Beetle, adding the DXP, a custom pizza delivery vehicle, to the fleet in 2015. The company has since expanded to include cars and robots.” Together we tested autonomous pizza delivery and now we’re on our way to the future of pizza delivery.”

He added, ‚ÄúDominos has always been a leader in pizza delivery and electric delivery cars as vehicle technology continues to evolve. We have made a commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and this is one way we are reducing our environmental impact. can start reducing.”

The Chevy Bolt EV is an affordable electric car with a claimed range of 259 miles (about 416 km).

Speaking on the occasion, Ed Pepper, vice president of GM Fleet, said, “Both companies are committed to improving our environment. GM plans to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new US light duty vehicles by 2035. An affordable price, fun driving With features and a range of 259 miles, the Chevrolet Bolt EV is the future of Domino.”

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