Domino’s Pizza will reach you in just 20 minutes! The company started fast service in this city!

Domino’s Pizza has launched a pizza delivery service in India in 20 minutes. This is the first company which is going to start pizza delivery service in just 20 minutes. The service has been launched in Bengaluru. Jubilant FoodWorks operates Domino’s Pizza in India. The company has said that the point (location) from which the customer will order pizza, will be delivered there within 20 minutes.

Domino’s near in 30 minutes pizza delivery There is also a record of doing so. But taking a step further in the quick service restaurant segment, now the company has brought down the time to 20 minutes. of business standard Report The company says it has achieved this success by speeding up in-store processes, upgrading technology and expanding the store network. Also, the company has said in a media statement that pizza delivery in 20 minutes does not mean that there will be any compromise with food quality.

The 20-minute delivery service is currently rolled out across 170 of the company’s restaurants in Bengaluru. Gradually the company will expand it, it has been said. Along with this, the company is also providing training to the staff to meet the service requirements. Apart from this, it has also been said that full care will be taken for the safety and health of the staff.

Although a few days ago, in a survey, Bengaluru second slowest city Was told. From geolocation technology specialist TomTom survey it was done. In this, London was said to be the slowest city in the world in terms of traffic jams, where it takes 36 minutes 20 seconds to walk 10 kilometers. At the same time, Bengaluru came second in this matter where it takes 29 minutes and 10 seconds to cover a distance of 10 kilometers. Bangalore is often in the news for its traffic jams.

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