drink coffee? Also know who made the espresso coffee machine for the first time, today’s Google Doodle will help you

Tech giant Google today remembered Angelo Moriondo through an animated doodle, today Google is celebrating the 171st birthday of Angelo Moriondo, who got the patent by making the espresso machine for the first time. Monday’s doodle is painted entirely with coffee. Let us know in detail about Angelo Moriando, the creator of the Coffee Espresso Machine today.

About Angelo Moriondo

Today we coffee lovers pay homage to the godfather of the espresso machine. Angelo Moriondo was born on June 6, 1851, in Turin, Italy, into a family of entrepreneurs. His family always worked on new ideas or projects. His grandfather had established a liquor production company. Which he handed over to his son. Angelo’s father later went on to form the popular chocolate company Moriando & Garriglio, along with his brother and cousin.

Carrying on his family legacy along the same lines, Moriondo bought two establishments, the Grand-Hotel Ligure located in Piazza Carlo Felice in the city center and the American Bar located in the Galleria Nazionale on Via Roma. Despite the popularity of coffee in Italy, customers found the time spent waiting for coffee to be made inconvenient. Moriondo thought that by making multiple cups of coffee at a time, he would be able to serve more customers at a faster speed, which would give him an edge over his competitors.

Angelo hired a mechanic to build the coffee machine, and under the supervision of that mechanic, began the invention of the coffee machine. Moriondo introduced his espresso machine at the 1884 General Expo in Turin. There this machine was awarded the bronze medal.

Features of espresso coffee machine

Speaking of espresso coffee machine, this machine consisted of a large boiler that pushed the coffee through the bed with hot water, another boiler created steam that flashed the bed of coffee and brewed the coffee.

Angelo received a patent for his coffee machine, entitled “New Steam Machinery for the Economical and Instantaneous Confection of Coffee Beverage, ‘Method Moriondo’.” Moriondo continued to improve and patent his invention over the years. Angelo Happy 171st birthday to Moriondo.

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