Driving License Test in Delhi Will Get Tougher Janunary 2023 Last Automated Test Tracks Complete Details

Getting a driving license in Delhi is going to be tougher than ever as the test process is about to undergo a major change according to a media report. Till now the officials of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) used to take the vehicle tests of the people themselves, but now the government is planning to automate all the test tracks. The report states that this process will be completed by the end of the first month of 2023.

TOI’s accordingAll test tracks will be automated by the end of January 2023, after which vehicle tests will become tougher than before. Explain that out of total 13 driving test tracks in Delhi, 12 have already been automated and the last track will be made automated by the end of next month. The track is located at Lado Sarai, where driving tests are still done manually.

The first automated track was introduced in India about 5 years back. this track properly vehicle driving Designed to assess skills. Apart from this, this method will also work to eliminate corruption in the Regional Transport Department.

Surely after automation of the test track, the possibility of human intervention in it will end, which means that the skills of the test takers will be tested in the true sense and at the same time corruption will also end in it.

Further, if an applicant has previously driving license If a student fails in the test, then he can get the video recording of his test and can prepare himself for the next test by going through his mistakes.

The report says that according to RTO officials, Delhi will become the only city in India where all driving tests will be evaluated without any human intervention. automated driving license Under the test, applicants are examined on 24 parameters through sensors and cameras installed on these tracks.

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