Ducati V21L MotoE electric bike prototype with 275km top speed introduced, 80% charge in less than 1 hour

Two-wheeler manufacturer Ducati has introduced the Ducati V21L MotoE prototype, which has a top speed of 275 kmph. According to Ducati, the Ducati V21L MotoE electric motorcycle will compete in the 2023 FIM MotoE World Cup. Here we let you know in detail about this electric bike of Ducati.

The weight of Ducati V21L MotoE is 225 kg. In terms of power and specifications, the Ducati V21L MotoE is powered by an 18kWh battery pack which should provide enough range to last 7 circuit Grand Prix races. The battery pack consists of 1,152 cylindrical cells. This battery can be recharged from 0 to 80 percent in just less than an hour.

The Ducati MotoE has a 21 kg motor that generates up to 110 kW of power and 140 Nm of torque. The maximum rotation speed of the electric motor is 18,000 rpm. The recorded top speed of this bike is 275 kmph. The frame of the Ducati MotoE is made from aluminum and fibre. The electric bike can be charged from a 20kW charging socket on its tail.

According to the company, the advanced cooling system has been given in the Ducati V21L MotoE. A liquid system with a double circuit controls the battery and electric motor temperatures. Ducati is entering the electric motorcycle segment with the V21L MotoE. Ducati will supply all 18 units of the V21L MotoE that will compete in FIM races till 2026. The Ducati MotoE will debut in the FIM MotoE World Cup in 2023.

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