Haryana based EV startup brand E-Fill Electric has launched its own L5 category e-auto (loader) and X4 series dual gun public EV charger at EV India Expo 2022 on 7th September. The EV company claims that the LIFT E-Auto (LIFT-EA) will compete with the recently launched Tata Ace electric LCV and will be more affordable. It will include payload capacity of up to 1.5 tonnes and other advanced features.

L5 category LIFT-EA will get 7kW motor and 14.5kWh BNEW battery. It has 140 cubic feet of loading area and can check up to 11 degree gradient height. It also gets a digital instrument cluster, ergonomic seating and a cover top box.

Availability of L5 Category e-Auto

Talking about the availability, e-fil Electric has announced that its L5 range e-auto will go on sale from January 1, 2023.

Mayank Jain, Founder & CEO, E-Fill Electric Charging Solutions said, “We are the only start-up working on a full EV eco-system. E-FILL provides electric vehicles and is an electric car charging station manufacturer in India. E-FIL Electric aims at product innovation and providing customer comfort. The objective of e-FILL is to bring about a technology based transition to electric mobility in the country. ,

E-Fill’s EV charger is an X4 Series 60kW 3-Phase DC powered unit equipped with a CCS2 Dual Gun connector. For safety, it has an IP54 rating along with multiple fault protection and inbuilt earthing protection. Other features include a 7-inch LCD screen, RFID enabled charging solution and a suite of features for over voltage or over load protection. The fast charger will be available for sale from October 1, 2022.

Apparently e-Phil, an EV charging station maker, currently has experts from major OEMs on its board. The company’s product portfolio includes EV Chargers (Slow/Moderate/Fast), Cloud Based CMS, e-Fill Mobile Application and Electric Three Wheelers.

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