E-rickshaws to use Audi car batteries, to be launched in India next year

Audi battery in e-rickshaw! Can’t believe it? But it’s going to happen. Indo-German startup Nunam has deployed the battery used in luxury car maker Audi’s e-tron car in its e-rickshaw. These e-rickshaws are set to hit Indian roads early next year as a pilot project. The startup says it aims to develop ways to use old batteries as second-life power storage systems. It wants to use resources more efficiently.

Based in Berlin and Bangalore, the non-profit startup is funded by the Audi Environmental Foundation, reports PTI. It is a joint project of Audi, Nunam and the Audi Environmental Foundation. The Foundation has been funding Nunam since 2019.

The startup has developed three prototypes with the help of the training team at Audi’s Neckarsulm site. The batteries used in the e-rickshaw have been sourced from test vehicles in the Audi e-tron test fleet. There is a plan to make these e-rickshaws available to a non-profit organization. It is being told that especially they will be handed over to women. Apart from this e-rickshaw, the startup is also developing an additional show-rickshaw with its partners.

Nunam co-founder Prodip Chatterjee said that the old batteries are still very powerful. If they are used in the right way, then it can have a huge impact. It helps people to earn and gain financial independence. He said that the car battery is designed to run the car for a long time. They still have a lot of staying power even after being used for a while.

According to the startup, e-rickshaws equipped with these batteries would be better for Indian roads as they neither go very fast nor travel long distances. Not only this, these batteries can also be used for LED lighting. The startup says it wants to do everything possible with the battery before recycling it.

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